Jalen Ramsey responds to Hunter Renfrow beating him during practice

During Wednesday’s joint practice, Jalen Ramsey delivered a huge hit on Josh Jacobs, which sparked a scuffle between backup tight end Foster Moreau and Ramsey.

In the play ensuing the big hit, Jon Gruden called a play to target Ramsey. The Raiders ran Hunter Renfrow on a Slick Route that allowed Renfrow to get behind Ramsey for a touchdown firing the whole Raiders side line up.

Trash talking began at this point between the Raiders offense and Rams defense.

A few plays later, the Raiders targeted Ramsey again with Hunter Renfrow. This time, Renfrow “went up high over Ramsey,” tweeted Levi Damien.

After the joint practice, Renfrow was asked how it felt to make those catches on Jalen Ramsey.

Renfrow responded, “[felt] good I guess. For me personally, I don’t really know when people are talking. I’m just kind of locked in and doing my job. But yeah, it was definitely spirited. He’s obviously a great player. There’s a reason why he’s one of the best players in the league.”

Renfrow also went on to say, “If I can beat Jalen Ramsey, I can beat anybody.”

Currently, Hunter Renfrow is trending on social media, with many people making jokes.

Of course, Jalen Ramsey had to respond to social media saying the following:

The Raiders and Rams will practice again tomorrow and will play a live game on Saturday. It’ll be interesting to see how Jalen Ramsey responds and if this battle will continue tommorow as Ramsey will likely cover Hunter Renfrow.

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