Raiders Maxx Crosby subbed eating for alcohol, struggled to stay in shape

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Getting into good physical shape requires consistency in two categories; nutrition and exercise. For Raiders defensive end Maxx Crosby, that consistency was off in 2020.

Getting up and going to the gym is only one part of it, a player has to be able to eat nutritious food that’ll not only fuel them through their workout, but a good post-meal to help recovery. According to reports, Maxx Crosby was not in good shape going into his second year, primarily because of his addiction to alcohol.

After his rookie season, Maxx Crosby decided alcohol was an issue for him and he decided to give it up. To beat his addiction, Crosby went into rehab, and then a halfway house. Crosby was able to overcome his addiction, however, according to Peter King, Crosby admitted that when he cut the alcohol, he subbed eating for the drinking, and this led to him being in bad shape when year two came around for Crosby.

“Last year, no excuses, but my routine was just a little bit off the whole year. This year, once the Super Bowl ended, I had a full routine, including meal prep. I’ve been on a locked-in schedule since February,” said Crosby.

Crosby’s workout routine was off due to his addiction. Going into year two, it led to his play slipping a little bit. In 2019, Crosby had 10 sacks and in 2020, he finished with only 7. Crosby understands the importance of being in good shape.

At the end of January, Crosby had surgery on his left shoulder for a torn Labrum. Since then, he’s been “locked-in”, putting the work in. He’s been exercising and focusing on his nutrition, which has been noticeable at camp. He looks much stronger.

If Crosby is able to bounce back, the Raiders could have a good pass rush between Clelin Ferrell, Yannick Ngakoue, and Crosby.

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