McDaniels addresses media following yet another Raiders collapse

Source: John Raoux/Associated Press

The Las Vegas Raiders are now 2-6 on the season following Sunday’s colossal collapse against the Jacksonville Jaguars. A lot of questions and emotions are in the air about this team’s future, and head coach Josh McDaniels spoke with the media today regarding yesterday’s meltdown.

The Raiders got off to a 17-0 start and McDaniels said they were trying to play the game the way they wanted to play the game. But the turning point for the Raiders was when the Jaguars gained momentum following their two-minute drive to end the second quarter. The Jaguars then scored out of half and forced the Raiders to punt, which swung the game their way.

“It is an example on how quickly games will change in this league,” McDaniels said. “Tired of talking about this on Mondays, but it is what it is.”

A big reason why the Raiders lost the lead was because after featuring WR Davante Adams in the first half, they went away from him. Adams finished the first half with 146 yards on nine receptions and two touchdowns but was shut out for the rest of the game. Adams was very vocal about the fact that the Raiders went away from things that were working, saying he thought the offense could’ve continued what they were doing in the first half.

McDaniels said he didn’t take what Adams said personal.

“I always think there is areas where I could do better in,” McDaniels said. “I have stood up here before and said I have never called a perfect game and probably never will.”

The Raiders last year in the regular season were 7-2 in one score games, and after Sunday’s game they dropped to 0-5 this season in such games. McDaniels said he can’t comment on last year since he wasn’t with the Raiders, but that there are many reasons why you do and don’t win.

“I think it is ultimately the result of a bunch of guys doing a lot of things well under pressure,” McDaniels said. “What we are learning is that there is a competitive stamina to this where we have to do it longer.”

The Raiders have now blown 17-point leads in three games this season under McDaniels. Considering he has only coached the Raiders for eight total games, this is worrisome. McDaniels said it isn’t just one thing that is contributing to these blown leads.

“We learned that the game can switch quickly,” McDaniels said. “We have been on the wrong end of that so far.”

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