Mark Davis backs up Josh McDaniels, assures he’s safe for 2023

Source: Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Another Monday, another repetitive press conference for Las Vegas Raiders coach Josh McDaniels. As his team sits at 2-7, the media were asking the typical questions following a loss. McDaniels was asked about effort, pride, and attitude regarding his coaches and players. Despite the rumors of McDaniels being on the hot seat, Jeff Howe of The Athletic said that McDaniels has been assured by owner Mark Davis that he will not be fired, and that he will be back for the 2023 season.

But sitting at 2-7 and practically eliminated from the playoffs, how does McDaniels feel about his place in the organization? McDaniels and Davis met postgame for their usual meeting and nothing came out of it. 

“He’s been great, he has the same urgency that we all do,” McDaniels said. “He feels the frustration but at the same time he has been incredibly supportive.”

McDaniels’ starting quarterback Derek Carr had an emotional breakdown at the press conference following their embarrassing loss to the Indianapolis Colts. Carr harped on how some players don’t practice and play the way they should. McDaniels was asked about this and was confused. 

“I would never say that about our football team, in general,” McDaniels said. “In terms of the guys’ attitude and effort to be out there.”

Star wide receiver Davante Adams went on to say similar things regarding effort and attitude that certain players bring to the table, a fair critique considering where the team currently stands. McDaniels said that it isn’t concerning that two of his captains alluded to these things about the team. 

“It shows that they care,” McDaniels said. “Look, there are a lot of guys in the locker room and not every player takes winning and losing the same.”

It is evident that Davis is going with McDaniels for more than a year, a philosophy that may stem from the turmoil the Raiders went through last season. Time will tell whether it’s the right decision, and Davis said he has no issues with McDaniels.

“I like Josh, I think he’s doing a fantastic job, that’s why I hired him,” Davis said. “We did an exhaustive search and found the person we believe is going to bring the Raiders to greatness.”

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