Kenyan Drake expects to have a ‘big role’ in the Raiders Offense

The Las Vegas Raiders added star running back Kenyan Drake to add versatility to an offense that already features pro bowl running back Josh Jacobs.

While Jacobs will take most snaps, Kenyan Drake believes he will have a significant impact on this offense:

“I’m definitely excited to see how our roles continue to develop with obviously Josh being the main guy to do what he needs to do because I have much respect and love for him and his game and what coach Gruden has planned for us in that specific capacity. But I feel like I might have a big role in this offense. With them being a top-10 offense last year, the sky is the limit for us. I’m ready to see us take it to the next level.”

Last year, Devontae Booker came into the game every 3rd drive to give Josh Jacobs a breather. Booker was a decent change-of-pace back for the Raiders. He finished the 2020 season with 93 carries, 423 yards, and 3 TDs. Booker has had a good career so far in the NFL, but he isn’t Kenyan Drake.

Drake is regarded as a top 15 back, and the Raiders knew they needed someone who brings versatility. A back that can catch out of the backfield, run between the tackles, and at the same time, pass block well. Last year, Booker really only did one of those things – running between the tackles.

Kenyan Drake should expect a pretty significant role for the Raiders in 2021. He should expect to play a multitude of positions, and if Jon Gruden wants to make this work, he needs to feed Drake. Drake had more success in 1.5 years with the Cardinals than 3.5 years with the Dolphins, primarily because the Cardinals gave Drake a fair amount of touches. If Gruden utilizes Drake correctly, he should be able to prove that he was worth the big $14.5 million dollar contract.


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