Josh McDaniels Addresses Media at NFL Draft Combine

Source: Sports Illustrated

This week, the NFL is putting on its annual pre-draft combine. Over 300 NFL hopefuls head to Indianapolis, Indiana to showcase their talents. Many head coaches, general managers, and scouts attend to get their first in-person look at the players available in the draft that can take their team to the next level. This year, the Las Vegas Raiders’ new head coach, Josh McDaniels, is also in attendance at the combine.

On Wednesday, he took to the podium to answer some pressing questions and give an update on his first few weeks in silver and black.

As expected, one of the first questions McDaniels received was about the status of QB Derek Carr. Carr has just one season left on his contract, and extension rumors have been flying. McDaniels told reporters the Raiders had not had extension talks with Derek Carr, but made it clear the two had been building a relationship.

“I’m really happy with the opportunity I’ve had to get to know him,” McDaniels said, “the football part comes later.”

McDaniels also addressed questions regarding what he looked for when building his staff, which consists of many former colleagues.

“Personalities are important. Experiences are important, youthful ideas are important… and room for growth.” McDaniel’s stressed the variability that occurs in the league from year to year and how he needed a team and a staff that is willing to put in the work.

Las Vegas’ new head coach was excited about the opportunity to grow and develop his players with his new staff this year. McDaniels told reporters at the combine that the team plans to play the long game in terms of building and advancing their roster, utilizing free agency, the draft, and trades all the way through the November trade deadline.

“We want to be able to play to the strengths of the players on our roster… the biggest thing for us is trying to make our players successful by putting them in great positions,” McDaniels said.

This week, McDaniels and his scouts will take the next step in determining who the Raiders will select with the 22nd overall pick and throughout the 2022 NFL Draft, one of the team’s biggest questions of the offseason.

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