Golden Tate says Adams ran wrong route, Adams facing discipline for push

Source: Ed Zurga/Associated Press

WR Davante Adams had a good game for the Las Vegas Raiders against the Kansas City Chiefs, as he totaled 124 receiving yards and two touchdowns. Things seemed to go well for the star wide receiver, but the potential game-winning series changed everything.

The first domino effect was when Adams caught what seemed like the catch to put the Raiders in game-winning field goal range, but the pass was ruled incomplete after a review. The next play, the Raiders were in a fourth and short situation with the game on the line. Adams and WR Hunter Renfrow ran into one another downfield, which ultimately blew up the play, and caused QB Derek Carr to just throw it up for an incompletion to end the game.

Renfrow and Adams’ collision cost the Raiders the game, but former NFL WR Golden Tate said on Twitter that Adams was the one who messed up his route. Renfrow got an inside release, which seemed like it was going to work, but since Adams also released inside, it blew up the play.

Golden Tate said the slot receiver (Renfrow) is the first read on this play and that Adams needed to release on the outside to open up space. Something was evidently wrong on the sideline after the incompletion, as an animated Adams threw his helmet to the ground.

Adams Facing Possible Suspension

After the game, Adams was walking towards the locker room and pushed a photographer down and out of his way, which was captured on camera. Speculation had arisen about whether Adams would face discipline, but according to NFL Network’s Tom Pelissero, the individual has filed a police report and the NFL will be reviewing the situation to determine whether Adams will face further discipline.

The incident seems very out of character for Adams, who hasn’t previously shown signs of being an aggressive person, so what could’ve cause this behavior? Obviously after a heartbreaking loss in a high-profile game, emotions will be at an all-time high, but maybe Adams was disappointed with himself after the near-catch that was overturned and knowing that his inside release on the game’s final play caused the collision with Renfrow.

A suspension seems harsh but is very possible at this point. The NFL will ultimately decided whether or not Adams will be available for the Raiders during Week 7 following their bye week.

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