Jon Gruden says “the truth will come out” as U.S. Congress gets involved in WFT investigation

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The ongoing Washington Football investigation has maintained a place in the daily headlines. For the first time since Jon Gruden resigned as head coach of the Las Vegas Raiders due to the highly publicized email scandal, he spoke to a Senior Segment Producer at HBO. He told her that he was confident “the truth will come out.”

Andrea Kremer, who works with Maggie Burbank, told the following story on a recent episode of Real Sports Podcast:

“Maggie Burbank, who produced the story that we just did on Mark Davis, she actually called Gruden and he picked up the phone, much to, I think, her surprise,” Kremer said. “And he’s still in Las Vegas. He says he’s letting the dust settle. He said, ‘People who know me know what I stand for, for 58 years. I have a resume of 58 years.’ He said, ‘The truth will come out.’ It’s certainly cryptic.”

Cryptic is a good way to describe the comments that Gruden made, as it’s not apparent what the former coach is referring to when he says “the truth will come out.” However, according to Andrea Kremer, “Mark Davis is under the impression these leaked emails emanated from the NFL office.”

There have been reports that Davis could be considering some kind of legal action with the release of these emails, although Mark Davis hasn’t publicly stated he believes the NFL is behind the email leak. There also has not been any evidence to indicate that someone in the league’s front office leaked the emails to get Jon Gruden out.

For the league to go after one of its more popular coaches in Jon Gruden doesn’t make sense, and according to one league source, “This is a disaster for the league. It makes no sense why they would leak this out. There is no benefit.”

A large portion of the public suspects the email leak to be a hit job.

Could it have been the Washington Football Team who leaked the emails to deflect the attention elsewhere? Former NFL player Malcolm Jenkins believes there is something more going on with the Washington Football Team emails.

“I think if we focus only on Jon Gruden, then we miss the bigger picture… When he sent those emails, nobody raised a red flag, nobody brought it to anybody’s attention. It was a normal thing.”

Could there be emails that owner Dan Synder doesn’t want anyone to see? Could it implicate more than just a coach or former general manager? Think about this for a second: if Jon Gruden sent out homophobic and misogynistic emails, what were the responses to those emails?

United States Congress gets involved

While we know in detail what Gruden and Allen wrote in their emails to each other, we have no idea what the rest of those emails contain or what the acknowledgment was by the people on the other side. But that is exactly what the U.S. House of Representatives Oversight Committee wants to find out.

According to a CBS report, chairwoman Carolyn Maloney and chairman Raja Krishnamoorthi contacted NFL commissioner Roger Goodell on Thursday to request all documents, communications, reports, and findings related to the Washington investigation be produced.

“The NFL’s lack of transparency about the problems it recently uncovered raise questions about the seriousness with which it has addressed bigotry, racism, sexism, and homophobia,” the Committee’s report read. “The Committee is seeking to fully understand this workplace conduct and the league’s response, which will help inform legislative efforts to address toxic work environments and workplace investigation processes.”

Although the oversight committee isn’t necessarily asking for all 650,000 emails, they have requested some additional insight on what took place. The league previously said no further information from its internal investigation would be publicly disclosed. That could change, as NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy confirmed that the NFL is aware of the Oversight Committee’s requests.

“We have received the Chairwoman’s letter and share her concern that all workplaces should be free from any form of harassment and discrimination,” McCarthy said. “We look forward to speaking to her office soon.”

The committee set a deadline of November 4th, 2021 for the league to respond.

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