5 Most Influential Raiders: #2 John Madden

Source: Mark Duncan/AP

Not only have the Las Vegas Raiders had some legendary players, they have also had some remarkable coaches. The most notable being John Madden. Madden has left his mark on the Raiders and the entire NFL. 

Madden’s time in the NFL

John Madden was head coach of the Raiders from 1969-1978. Madden coached the Raiders during a time when the rest of the league thought they were unstoppable. The NFL feared the Raiders, and their impressive record didn’t diminish their fears.

Madden coached his team to five AFC Championship Games in five years, losing them all. His ability to dominate the regular season only to seize up in the playoffs left him with a truly unwanted reputation. The Raiders were known as the team that couldn’t win the big one. The Raiders were the team that was simply never good enough. 

Madden never had a losing season, ever. His whole career was filled with regular season victories and Super Bowl dreams. Madden coached during the time of Don Shula, Bud Grant and Tom Landry. Yet, he still has the second best winning percentage of all time. 

John Madden ended his coaching career with a record of 112-39-7. Madden’s team didn’t lose, and his players knew it. In 1977, his team finally went all the way. They won the Super Bowl against the Minnesota Vikings 32-14. Madden’s years of dedication and hard work had finally paid off. He was a world champion. 

Life after coaching

Madden retired at the conclusion of the 1978 season. He cited stress and strained family relationships that pushed him to retirement. He vowed to never coach again, and he kept that promise.

John Madden went on to become an NFL analyst for 30 years. He was a part of CBS, NBC, ABS, and FOX during his career. Madden became a household name during his career. Everyone knew him and everyone knew to expect John Madden on their TV during the NFL season. 

Madden now has a popular video game named after him to which he provides his commentary. Each year, Madden contributes to the Madden video game updates and new version. He believes the game serves as an educational tool for all in football community. 

John Madden was finally inducted into the Hall of Fame for his monumental coaching career in 2006. Madden has settled down in California and is now 85 years old. The Raider community and NFL fans all over the world continue to recognize John Madden as one of the most influential head coaches and NFL analysts to this day. If one thing is for certain, they always will. 

Check back tomorrow before the Raiders take on the Ravens on Monday Night Football to see our #1 most influential Raider of all-time.

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