PokerGO | HIGH STAKES DUEL III: Round 2 | Phil Hellmuth vs. Tom Dwan

Grudge Match Set To Air Wednesday, August 25th, 5 PM PST | How To Watch It Here

Phil Hellmuth Professional Poker Brat

  • 7-0 on PokerGO HIGH STAKES DUEL
  • 18 WPT Cashes for $1,596,103.00
  • 8 WPT Final Tables
  • 15 x World Series of Poker Bracelet Winner (Record)
  • 148 WSOP Cashes (Record)
  • 64 WSOP Final Tables (Record)
  • Ranked 20th on All Time Money List
  • Over $24,917,333 in Live Earnings as of 08/2021


Tom Dwan Professional Poker Player

  • 2 WPT Cashes for $508,914.00
  • 2 WPT Final Tables
  • 10 WSOP Cashes for $778,297.00
  • 5 WSOP Final Tables
  • Ranked 280th on All Time Money List
  • Over $4,818,036 in Live Earnings as of 08/2021

After taking down 2 Poker Legends in Antonio Esfandiari (0-3) & Daniel Negreanu (0-3), Phil “Poker Brat” Hellmuth won AGAIN! Phil defeated FS1 Host Nick Wright (0-1) to retain his title of PokerGO Heads Up Champion and preserve his untainted record of (7-0). It was a heartbreaking loss for Nick Wright, but he paid his respects to Hellmuth and elected to decline his rematch option.

The way these High Stakes Duels work is very simple. In the first round, both players put up 100k of their own money for a pot of 200k.

The loser of the first round has 72 hours to declare a rematch, but in order to continue, they would have to match the 200k prize pool with their own 200k. If the loser declines their rematch option then the opportunity becomes open to anyone willing to put up the money for the next 30 days.

Meaning, whoever wants to challenge Phil Hellmuth would have to bring 200k to the table or wait for HIGH STAKES DUEL IV. Needless to say, PokerGO found an opponent right away.

In fact, many players came forward willing to challenge Hellmuth, but after a few days, the field of potential opponents began to thin out. Some very big names came up like; Phil Ivey, Johnny Chan, and even Tony G, but it wouldn’t take long before Tom Dwan was announced.

This excited Poker fans across the globe. Tom Dwan and Phil Hellmuth have a storied past and have battled on many occasions. The most iconic battle between Dwan and Hellmuth came in 2008 on NBC’s National Heads Up Poker Championship when Dwan cracked Hellmuth’s aces with his tens.

Blinds were $150/$300 in the round of 64 when Phil looked down at A♠️ A♦️. Phil set the trap by just limping in for $300 in the Small Blind.

Luckily for Hellmuth, Dwan picked up a very strong hand at the same time. After realizing he had been dealt 10♥️10♣️ Dwan raised to $1,100. Hellmuth snap raised to $3,600. After some thinking, Dwan decided to rip it all in for his remaining $20,000. Phil snap called Dwan’s ALL IN and they proceeded to go to a run out.

The FLOP was 2♠️ K♥️ 7♠️, bringing Dwan’s equity to 8%. Dwan would need to spike a 2 outer in order to win this pot.

The TURN was a miracle, 10♠️. This gave Dwan a huge lead, putting him at 77% odds to win the pot. Although this was a good card for Tom Dwan this brought in the nut flush draw for Phil Hellmuth.

The RIVER was the 9♦️ which gave Tom Dwan the win. Phil who was an 80% favorite pre-flop to win was devastated.

This lead to one of the most famous exchanges between Phil Hellmuth and Tom Dwan.

Fast forward to 9:34 for the argument

Phil Hellmuth: “Son I’ll tell you this much, son; I would never have put more than $3,000 in with 2 tens before the flop!”

Tom Dwan: “I was gonna say good game, sorry for the suck out but when you phrase it that way, it makes me not wanna”

Phil Hellmuth: “I’m just tellin the truth man. Here take your 10,000-“

Tom Dwan: “Phil, that’s why you lose money online like-“

Phil Hellmuth: “you played the hand bad, that’s the truth. You put in $20,00.00 with 2 tens

Tom Dwan: “Pick your stakes heads up, pick your stakes heads up, I said it a million times, i’m sorry I sucked out, nice hand. pick your stakes heads up!

Phil Hellmuth: “I don’t understand what you’re saying?”

Tom Dwan: We can play right now if you want.

Phil Hellmuth: “son, you’re the sucker. you just put in $20,000.00 with 2 tens. That’s a terrible play!

Tom Dwan: “okay, let’s play heads up! play heads up!”

Phil Hellmuth: “Is that all you want to do? Challenge me heads up?” We’re gonna play heads up, I told you.”

Tom Dwan: If it’s terrible then let’s play

Phil Hellmuth: It was terrible

Tom Dwan: I sucked out, I’m sorry. Nice hand!

Phil Hellmuth: What if you suck out again?

Tom Dwan: “We’ll play as many matches as you want! We will play as many matches as you want Phil”

Phil Hellmuth: “Do you admit it was a terrible play on your part?”

Tom Dwan: *laughs* NO! It was standard.

Phil Hellmuth: Standard Play? With 150-300 blinds, 20,00?

Tom Dwan: Learn to play heads up no limit.


whew… Did it just get hot in here? Anyways, If you’re as excited as I am then be sure to Subscribe to PokerGO to watch the whole match. The 1st 60 minutes are going to be free on YouTube. Link here

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