Phil Hellmuth Remains Perfect on PokerGo High Stakes Duel, FS1 Host Nick Wright Declines Rematch

Phil Hellmuth Jr, Professional Poker Player and Author of “POSITIVITY” came out victorious again in his 3rd Duel. He’s a perfect 7/7 and 3-0 at PokerGo High Stakes Duel after beating “The Magician” Antonio Esfandiari in 3 Rounds, “Kid Poker” Daniel Negranu in 3 rounds and now FS1 Host Nick Wright in 1 round after Nick declines his option.

Coming into this matchup Nick Wright was truly determined. Excited to remind the fans of his duel he decided to double down on my article; Letting the entire world know to tune in for his debut.

Unfortunately for Nick Wright, things didn’t go as planned. After losing this match against Phil Hellmuth; the rematch stipulated he had to match the pot in order to continue. The poker player in him truly wanted to rematch but the family man inside Wright knew he shouldn’t risk $100,000 trying to win his $50,000 back. After using all of the time allowed to make a decision, Wright finally took to Twitter to notify the public he wouldn’t be continuing this High Stakes Duel

To be totally candid, I’m still not over the loss. Not because I got unlucky or anything. Phil deserved to win, but because I feel like I blew it with some really poor play in the middle. I don’t know if it was fatigue, lack of experience, or whatever. But I had a plan, I was executing it, I strayed from it. And I almost recovered, I thought I had recovered in that flush over flush but “such is life”

Nick Wright @getnickwright

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