Phil Hellmuth Chasing his 16th World Series of Poker Bracelet

For most poker players, winning just one World Series of Poker Bracelet would be a dream. As for Phil Hellmuth, he’s had that dream come true 15 times now. It seems no matter how much success Phil Hellmuth has had in poker. he still has the desire to win even more.


Phil Hellmuth Professional Poker Brat

  • 15 x World Series of Poker Bracelet Winner (Record)
  • 152 WSOP Cashes (Record)
  • 67 WSOP Final Tables (Record)
  • Ranked 21st on All Time Money List
  • Over $25.172.175 in Live Earnings as of 10/2021
  • 7-1 on PokerGO HIGH STAKES DUEL
  • 18 WPT Cashes for $1,596,103.00
  • 8 WPT Final Tables

Hellmuth’s WSOP 2021 Results So Far

Prior to the start of the series, Hellmuth already had the record for the most WSOP Bracelets, Final Tables, and Cashes in history. Now, all the way through 27 events of the WSOP 2021, Phil has extended his lead in all but one category: Bracelets.

If you know anything about poker, then you know how hard it actually is to win a tournament. There’s a lot of variance and luck involved to reach the end. No matter how good you play, there’s always a chance you might get outdrawn by a weaker opponent.

So far, Phil Hellmuth has participated in four events at the WSOP and it’s safe to say he’s off to a hot start. Phil has cashed in each event he’s played, and even made the final table in each event, except one,

Oct. 9th, 2021United States  $ 10,000 Seven Card Stud – Championship (Event #19)
52nd World Series of Poker – WSOP 2021, Las Vegas
4th $ 54,730
Oct. 4th, 2021United States  $ 10,000 Omaha Hi/Lo 8 or Better – Championship (Event #9)
52nd World Series of Poker – WSOP 2021, Las Vegas
5th $ 80,894
Oct. 3rd, 2021United States  $ 1,500 Dealer’s Choice – 6 Handed (Event #7)
52nd World Series of Poker – WSOP 2021, Las Vegas
18th $ 4,429
Sep. 30th, 2021United States  $ 25,000 H.O.R.S.E. (Event #2)
52nd World Series of Poker – WSOP 2021, Las Vegas
6th $ 95,329

Phil Hellmuth’s Blow Up

A smaller side story that has also garnered some social media attention was the Poker Brat’s behavior during one of the events when he dropped over 40 expletives in a short span of time. A lot of players were harsh critics of Hellmuth’s antics, but some came to his support. Eventually, after word spread to Hellmuth’s parents, the Poker Brat himself came out and tweeted a short apology explaining how he’ll try to do better. Here’s a short timeline:

Hellmuth Chasing Bracelet #16

Phil is participating in Event #31: 2-7 Lowball Draw at the WSOP and has made the end of Day 1 with $79,400 in chips in his bag with over half the field now eliminated. The day started off with 272 players, and now only 91 remain going into Day 2. We’re going to be keeping a close eye on his hunt for the elusive 16th bracelet.

So with all that being said, We wish the best of luck to all the grinders and rec players out there who look to make history in the pursuit of poker superstardom. May the odds be ever in your favor.

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5 thoughts on “Phil Hellmuth Chasing his 16th World Series of Poker Bracelet”

  1. When you have enough opportunities to play in as many events as phil hellmuth and daniel negranau… Youre bound to win one. These guys arent that great of poker players IMHO.

  2. But Phil didn’t get lucky and win 1 you are saying given enough tries you think it’s normal to win 15 lmao? Like it says in the article, anyone can be lucky or unlucky bit consistently playing great poker puts you in positions to win. That’s why Phil has made 4 out of 5 final tables this year already. Obviously you don’t know anything about poker

  3. When u play over 5000 tournaments and your sponsored and rich how hard could it be to win a bracelet he’s a brat

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