Garrett Adelstein Wins Over $300,000 on Hustler Casino Live

Source: Hustler Casino Live

Garrett Adelstein, known to many as “The 8th Wonder of the World,” recently profited $301,800 while playing poker on Hustler Casino Live’s Friday night high-stakes cash game. Garrett started the night off by buying in for $150,000 while cashing out for a modest $451,800. He won three $100,000+ pots and almost broke the entire game single-handedly. Out of all of Garrett’s appearances on the show, this ranks as his best win ever.

Adelstein’s Biggest Wins & Losses on Hustler Casino Live

3/18/2022$100/200 + $200 BB Ante+ $301,800HCL
2/25/2022$200/400 + $200 BB Ante+ $223,100HCL
3/11/2022$50/100/200 + $200 BB Ante+ $213,175HCL
2/18/2022$100/200/400 + $200 BB Ante– $139,900HCL
10/23/2021$200/200/400 + $200 BB Ante– $197,000HCL

Garrett Wrecks Tiger with a Disguised Set

Garrett 4♣️ 4♦️ vs. Tiger Q♠️ Q♣️

It was still early in the session when Garrett began to gain some momentum. Tiger opened to $700 from Under the Gun and got a call from Garrett on the button and Boris with 10♠️ 3♦️ from the Big Blind. Pot $2.4k

The Flop came out 6♣️4♠️2♠️, giving Garrett a disguised middle set while Tiger had an over pair. Tiger bet $1,000 and once again got called by everyone. Pot $5.4k

The turn was a 9♥️, Boris checked, Tiger bet $2900 and Garrett raised to $12000, Boris folded and Tiger called. Pot $32.3k

They proceeded to go heads up to a blank river, a 2♥️. Tiger check-called Garrett’s $48,000 bet and lost a $125.4k Pot.

Ben Makes Ambitious Call with Pair of Tens

Garrett 6♣️6♦️ vs. Ben 10♠️4♦️

About half way through the stream, Garret opened from the Cutoff to $600. Ben 3-bet from the button and got a quick call from Garrett. Pot $5.5k

The Flop was a beautiful 10♥️6♥️2♦️ for Garrett, giving him middle set vs. Ben’s top pair. Garrett played in flow checking to Ben, who bet $2,800. Garrett 3-bet to $11,000 and Ben clicked back, 4-betting to $27,000. After a brief moment, Garrett decided to 5-bet for $65,100, putting Ben at decision for all his chips. After agonizing for a couple minutes, Ben flicked in the call.

A 2♥️ Turn and A♥️ River didn’t improve Ben, giving Garrett the massive $135.7k pot.

Ben’s Triple Barrel Bluff Goes Terribly Wrong

Source: Hustler Casino Live

Garrett Q♠️Q♦️ vs. Ben 8♦️5♦️

In the last eventful hand of the night, Tiger opened to $700 from Under the Gun. Garrett 3-bet to $2,700. Ben cold 4-bet to $8,000 and only Garrett called. Pot $17.1k

The Flop came out 7♣️3♠️2♠️, giving Ben some backdoor outs. Ben bet $5,500 and Garrett called with his overpair to the board. Pot $28.1k

A 9♦️ on the Turn gave Ben some hope as he picked up a gutterball. Ben bet $15,800 and Garrett called. Pot $59.7k

A 4♥️ on the River didn’t change much. Ben bet $27,000 and Garrett picked off the bluff to scoop another massive pot of $113.7k.

Adelstein finished the night winning a few more inconsequential pots, advancing his profit to north of $300k. He never lost any significant pots and continued to apply pressure to the smaller stacks at the table until the stream eventually ended. It was a spectacle to watch each player get felted over and over. Adelstein continuously shines week after week and it is no coincidence. He doesn’t just run good, he plays absolutely lights out.

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