UFC 265 Press Conference | Lewis vs. Gane | Derrick Lewis: “You’re gonna have to excuse my French”

It’s less than 48 hours away from fight night and Derrick Lewis has made his prediction clear: he wants to knock out Ciryl Gane to win the Interim Heavyweight Title Belt.

It was an exciting press conference. Some very funny back and forth moments took place between the reporters and the fighters. Here’s all the questions and answers between the Lewis, Gane, and the reporters.

Q: (Lewis) What does it feel like to be fighting for the title in front of your city?

A: It feels crazy man!

Q: (Lewis) You fought for the title in 2018, what lessons did you learn from that fight to help you get over the hump this time around?

A: Train harder. I gotta represent Houston now, It’s all on me.

Q: (Lewis) You said you see Ciryl as a boring fighter, is there anything that you’re concerned with in this matchup?

A: I’m not concerned with anything he got.

Q: (Gane) I know this is a big fight, what are your emotions?

A: Wow! I’m a little bit nervous.

Q: (Gane) I know you have a child on the way, Has this been a difficult thing to focus on with the pregnancy?

A: It was at first, but I have my focus now.

Q: (Gane) Do you feel like you have to get a Knockout or Finish so people really look at you as the champion?

A: Some people say that, but it’s really not my style. When you look at guys like Mayweather, or fighters like that, nobody talks about this. But I’m a young fighter and I’ll fight my way.

Q: (Lewis) You’re fighting at home with the belt on the line, is there pressure?

A: Of course a little pressure because Houston has never had a heavyweight champion. So, I want to be the first one, I want to make history, and it gotta go down!

Q: (Lewis) Why would you take this fight knowing you’re going to have to fight Francis Ngannou next, an opponent you already beat?

A: It don’t matter who it is. They all gon’ end the same way – looking up at them lights.

Q: (Lewis) What specifically about your personality or fighting style makes you so beloved?

A: S***, probably because I’m real. I’m not fake like everyone else is in the sport. I don’t care what you think of me. I’m still gonna speak my mind no matter what.

Q: (Lewis) Do you have any plans for after the fight?

A: Little Woodrows, Sunday! Buy me five shots, you already know I’m not buying you s***. So come on out.

Q: (Gane) How excited are you to come to H-Town and beat your opponent in front of his own fans?

A: I’m really excited about this fight. If I win, I’m gonna be proud. I’m just doing it for my country, family, team.

Q: (Lewis) How would it feel to get beat by a Frenchman in front of your fans?

A: You gon’ have to excuse my French, but f*** you and f*** him.

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