Jorge Masvidal Belittles The McGregor Brand, ‘very small and fragile’

In the midst of losing back-to-back efforts against the welterweight champion, Kamaru Usman, Masvidal is looking to do whatever it takes to get back into title contention at 170 pounds.

The fight that he desires has to be large enough to escalate him quickly to the title bout.  A fight of this magnitude has to include a name with plenty of recognition and firepower.  A household name that draws tons of revenue for the UFC every time he steps would be an ideal opponent.  However, that isn’t in the cards for this household name to elevate him up the ranks.  That household name just so happens to be Conor McGregor.

It’s not that McGregor isn’t a good fighter anymore after losing his most recent fight because that most certainly isn’t the case.  The ultimate fighter that Masvidal is looking to meet in the octagon is of greater physical stature.

Masvidal thinks McGregor is very small and fragile. “I’m full man-size. He’s like a very small, fragile dude,” Masvidal told MMA Junkie. “He don’t want that. You can’t pay that man enough money so that one’s OK. (I) don’t need it.”

This statement can be viewed as presumptive shots at McGregor for how his most recent fight unfolded with him carted off on a stretcher after suffering a devastating leg injury.  McGregor hasn’t been the same fighter after taking time off in recent years.  That has led to unfavorable results for him and his team.

While it is understandable that a Masvidal versus McGregor bout would be lopsided given the size advantage, McGregor isn’t new to being an underdog if this fight were to happen in the future.

For McGregor, the disrespect toward him and his brand is taking a hit because of these remarks from Masvidal.  People must have forgotten the stretch of dominance that McGregor showed in the prime of his career.  Masvidal has chosen to kick McGregor while he is down and disparage him and the fighter he is.  While the brand has taken a hit in recent years, a fighter of McGregor’s magnitude has only one choice: to get back in the octagon and reclaim the respect that he deserves.

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