Jon Jones’ New Challenge Is Weighing Him Down

Source: Steve Marcus/Getty Images

Jon Jones is looking for a new challenge at the heavyweight division. Jones is already considered one of the greatest UFC light heavyweight division fighters of all time and is looking for a new challenge. This challenge, however, might not even have to deal with the opposition in the octagon.

Jones recently put out a video of himself working out and the reviews have garnered mixed results from fans. While still possessing powerful kicks, Jones looks noticeably slower than before. Fans and critics know that videos can be deceiving. The angles and timing of the videos could be playing a factor in his appearance.

Jones has made it abundantly clear that he is having a hard time keeping on his new weight. “More cardio means more food,” Jones wrote on Twitter in response to the hardships of becoming a heavyweight.

Those in Jones’ corner know more about his training than everyone else. If his training video is a reflection of how he’ll fight at his new weight, he might have more trouble coming his way. Jon “Bones” Jones is a premier fighter, but a new challenge like this might be one of his toughest to date.

One thing that Jones has never lacked is confidence. Back in March, he predicted a bright future in the heavyweight class. “Mark my words, eventually I will have that belt around my waist. There’s no rush. I’ll just keep building my body, I’ll focus on doing all the right things outside of the octagon, and hopefully one day the company will see more value in me.”

These are big words coming from someone who looks to be struggling to adjust to the heavyweight division. Time will tell, but at the moment things aren’t looking so great for the former light heavyweight champ.

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