Darrick Minner says Conor McGregor’s ‘poor training’ led to leg break

Conor McGregor’s leg injury ended UFC 264, the third bout between Poirier and McGregor. However, according to Derrick Minner, Conor’s “poor training” was the reason why McGregor’s leg broke during the event:

“Was his leg fractured? Probably. We’ve all probably experienced that,” Minner says. “But I’m not sparring without shinguards and kicking people’s knees hard without shinguards. That’s what he said he was doing. That’s just poor training if you ask me. I don’t know the circumstances. I went into fights where I had severe injuries. Not so severe that I couldn’t fight — it doesn’t matter what it is, I’m going to fight at the end of the day. But also he’s not a kid who is trying to make it, he made it. I can’t compare our stages. “No fighter is 100 percent going into the cage,” he asserts. “He could have for sure and it could have played a factor in his leg-breaking. But you kept throwing it so you obviously weren’t too worried about it. So that’s on him.”

McGregor snapped his leg in the final moments of the first round. Regardless of his poor training or not, the fight ended in a way no fan wants to see.

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