Conor McGregor reveals good news, ‘I’m ahead of schedule’

Conor McGregor visited a physician Thursday in California and received some very positive news less than six weeks after he suffered a fractured leg in his UFC 264 main event bout against Dustin Poirier.

“Scan went well,” McGregor said on an Instagram Live. “Scan went very well. To be back on the bike, I’m back on the bike before he said I was going to be able to bear weight. I’m rocking, well ahead of schedule. Let’s keep it going.”

McGregor seems to be recovering well after he broke his bone, and the ankle is feeling much better.

“I think this bone is back together, to be honest,” McGregor said. “The ankle is feeling great… I’ve got me flip-flops on, I have. I’m out of the boot. I’ve got the flip-flops on, so that’s a good sign… I’m still jacked as well, bro. It ain’t over. We’re only warming up. Still fresh. Still untouched. You still can’t get me.”

The injury to McGregor was initially expected to take 18 months to fully recover from, but that doesn’t seem like that’ll be the case with McGregor. However, a little bit later on, McGregor did speak about the mental part of getting back in the ring.

“I’m being careful with it. I’m listening to what the doctors are saying. Everything else, I can’t physically do, I’m not pushing it too far after seeing what happened to Weidman recently. It’s in the back of my head that I go in there and maybe they say, ‘Oh, it’s not connected again. You have to go through this again.’ Look what happened to Weidman. I don’t think that’s the case with me. I know that’s not the case with me. I am a little bit nervous.”

McGregor said he hears the noise from other fighters regarding him. He took a shot at Kelvin Gastelum, could that be the next McGregor fight?

“I’ve just got to take it day by day,” McGregor said. “I’m looking forward to it. You know, I’m watching all these fools talk. You know that little middleweight, that little former middleweight Kelvin Gastelum is 5’9” with a 71” inch reach. I’m actually bigger physically set than Kelvin and he’s fighting at middleweight. I’m going to just keep going up. I don’t know what weight I am now… But I’ll see what I am on the scales and just go from there. Day-by-day.”

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